Universal Testing Machine 113 - 114 - 115

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Model series 113 - 114 - 115

These testing machines are the stand-alone model series by TesT. The machines of model series 113 are suitable for measuring ranges between 50 kN and 100 kN. Model series 114 has been designed for ranges from 200 kN to 400 kN. Machines from series 115 are availbale for upper range values of 500 kN and 600 kN. The construction of these model series allows the use as calibration machine.

All universal testing machines of the model series TesT 106 - 115 will be equipped with the TesTController 850-USB that is TEDS compatible. The corresponding software TesTWinner® provides the user, besides to its free programmability, an immense repertoire of possibilities for standard test procedures and routine test execution, evaluation, presentation and further processing of results, automation of processes, and much more. According to all two-column testing machines by TesT the upper working space of the model 113 is also usable and just has to be selected previously in the software. In the standard version the upper working space is designed for loads of up to 20% of nominal load, an expansion to 100% can be realized on request. Time-consuming modifications can thus be eliminated. A wide application field is guaranteed by a comprehensive range of accessory.


Technical specifications

Type Two-column tension / compression testing machine
Version Stand-alone model
Measuring ranges Model 113: 50kN, 100 kN
  Model 114: 200 kN, 250 kN, 300 kN
  Model 115: 400 kN, 500 kN, 600 kN
Drive Controlled, brushless DC motor
Further technical details See brochure

Subject to technical changes