Load Frames - Optimized for small ranges

Developed for occasional tests e.g. for goods receipt inspections, for ongoing production procedures or for demonstration and teaching purposes in schools, TesT Load Frames play a decisive role for the determination of quality criteria. The application area covers testing of plastics or metalls, as well as testing of components. Particularly operating forces and strengths of components and functional units such as springs, buttons, switches, levers or locks are measured. Due to the modular construction various fields of applications are possible - whether it's concerning compressive forces, tensile forces or torques. Rely on our long experience. We are glad to develop a testing system for your specific tasks in quality assurance.

Our spindle load frames basically differ in two characteristics: The frame structure (one-column or two-column) and the mode of drive (manually-operated or electromotive). Usually, a complex force indicator is used as measuring instrument in combination to these load frames, typically the TesT dynamometers of model series 323, 326 or 1191. These dynamometers are also applicable as handheld measuring instruments for mobile applications. Alternatively, for mere stationary applications a measuring chain can be installed, which consists of a force transducer (usually model series 301 or 307) and the electronic indicator of model series 813. The software SoftTesT 913 provides an easy data acquisition and export of measurement data in the form of csv files (compatible with Excel) as well as the graphical illustration incl. peak values and protocol on a PC.