Vibration Testing Machine 208

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Vibration Testing Machines (Model series 208)

To execute a vibration testing procedure according to "Junker" the components to be tested will be screwed into the machine under a defined pre-load. Within the actual testing process they will be exposed to dynamic radial loads, with constant or variable frequencies. The (pre-load) force-time-diagram, which is measured on this way, provides the respective information about the loosening behaviour of the screwed connections. In connection with TesTWinner® you will receive optimum efficiency and flexibility as well as a direct information about loosening angles, pre-load force, transverse-force and transverse-path amplitudes.


Technical specifications

Machine Type Vibration Testing Machine according to "Junker"
Application Area Bolts from M5 up to M42
Detailled Data See brochure and according to customer's requirement

Subject to technical changes