Manual Friction Tester 206

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Manual friction tester (Model series 206)

In order to ensure an efficient quality assurance process flexible testing equipment, usable at different places in production process are necessary. TesT designed a range of easy to use screw friction measurement systems.

TesT multi-component sensors can be mounted on moveable workbenches. With the computer-aided version the electronic unit TesTController (850-USB) and a PC get locked in this workbench. For an easy handling the workbench drawers include tool inlays from foam to have the tool inserts ready for different bolt sizes.

With TesTWinner Evaluation software 950 all measurement values can be calculated, analysed, stored and exported. The display provides a permanent graph to show online results during the test as well as stored results from previous tests.

Alternatively, TesT offers the evaluation unit as handheld version (814) with digital display. In this case, the friction coefficient is determined according to predefined standards by measuring the parameters force / torque. The evaluation unit offers two independent measurement channels and one 24-bit A/D converter. The measurement frequency is selectable from 100 Hz up to 2 kHz.

Force and torque will be displayed. Three software packages for determination of friction coefficients on the basis of ISO 16047, ISO 14399 and Renault standard 01-50-005 are included in scope of delivery.

The integrated 2 GB memory card stores the measurement results in .csv file format. The USB interface supports the data export, the associated Evaluation software 914 provides the graphic illustration of force / torque and creation of individual reports. The rechargeable battery allows 8h work time for mobile use.



Technical specifications

2-Component-Transducer (203) Force + total torque
Evaluation unit (814) Measuring uncertainty ≤ ± 0.05% of n. v.
Optional Evaluation software 914
Optional Roller workbench with foam inlays
3- (4-)Component-Transducer 201 (202) Force, total torque, bearing torque, (thread torque)
Electronic unit TesTController (850-USB)
Accuracy class 0.5
Roller workbench with foam inlays
Evaluation software TesTWinner 950
Optional PC + screen

Subject to technical changes

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