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Measurement Heads Inserts (251)

For the testing of screws, bolts and / or nuts inserts are necessary, on the one hand, to ensure that the specimens are correctly arranged, and on the other hand, to allow proper force transmission into the multi-component sensor.

Inserts are available in different versions:

  • Version A: A tubular body with inside thread and counter pulley as head-mat
  • Version B: A tubular body with hexagon-socket for hexagon nuts and counter pulley as head-mat
  • Version C: A tubular body with square holder (retainer) for standard sockets

On demand, the head-mat can be moulded with a retainer for a wearing strip. Wearing strips will be used to have a new and unused under-head area out of the original application material for each testing. All other parts will be manufactured from hardened (HRC 60) tool steel. Depending on the screw size different insert sizes are necessary.


Technical specifications

Version A Screwed connections through the entire measuring head. Simple tool, but unsuitable for short fasteners. Quick and easy replacement of the specimen.
Version B Hexagonally eroded clamping sleeve for fixing the bolt head or nut. Suitable for bolt lengths starting from 3x diameter. Elaborate clamping sleeve is only used for one fixing type and size. Extremely fast and simple operation. Therefore suitable for large batches of specimens.
Version C Multipart and therefore very flexible version. Nut or bolt head is fixed on a square by means of a customary socket. Therefore, it is usable for various bolt heads and forms and only one main tool per specimen dimension is necessary. Cost-efficient as only corresponding sockets are required for different bolt sizes.

Subject to technical changes

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