Tempering Sleeves

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Tempering Sleeves in Fastener Testing (253)

Within normal applications screws will often be tightened at room temperature and heat under operating conditions. To be considered are screws in the range of brakes, wheels and cylinder heads. In order to determine loosening adhesion factors and differences to the tightening, a specific test is necessary.

TesT has developed and patented a tempering sleeve that can be integrated into usual multi-component sensors. Thereby, the respective insert will be moulded differently and shielded from the temperature-sensitive sensor. The screw-head temperature as well as the thread temperature can both be changed in such way that temperatures comply with natural operating conditions. Both temperatures can be controlled separately by means of the software and will be regulated after screwing the specimen in at room temperature.

Thereafter, while being loosened, the adhesion factors will be determined under these modified conditions and can thus be compared with the tightening adhesion factors. Thus, it is particularly possible to determine the influence of temperature on different material-pairings and coatings.


Technical specifications

Tempering Sleeves 253 Patented tempering devices for multi-component sensors: During the specimen is heated constantly, a water cooling system avoids negative influence on measurement electronics and thus prevents falsification of measurement results effectively.

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