Extensometers in Fastener Testing

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Extensometers in Fastener Testing (252)

In the standard version of a screw testing machine the elongation of the screw will be calculated by means of the thread lead. For most cases this is sufficient.

For specific screw testing requirements extensometers can be used in order to measure the elongation directly at the screw that is tested. Therefore, a device will be attached above the multicomponent-sensor, which has two measurement buttons for scanning the screw ending and the head-mat of the screw. While tightening the screw a strain occurs, this is necessary to determine the yield point.

Furthermore, ultrasonic devices can be used to measure elongations. Due to very slow measurement transmission rates, these measurands are not suitable for being depicted in a curve.


Technical specifications

Extensometers Model 252 An extensometer for elongation measurement of the bolted connection to be tested is optionally available. Alternatively, the measurement is executed through a hollow shaft between bolt head and bolt end or between under head bearing face and bolt end (referentially).

Subject to technical changes

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