Screw Testing Machines

The range of TesT Screw testing facilities consists of:

  • Friction coefficient testing machines (model series 205)
  • Manual friction testing equipment (model series 206)
  • Vibration testing machines (model series 208) as well as
  • Tensile testing machines (model series 112-115).


Friction coefficient testing machines of model series 205 by TesT are market-leading, with patented components and always built according to most modern test methodologies. Thus, TesT has created an instrument for safe and fast testing of screw connections for screws and bolts of M3 to M80. The determination of friction coefficients is in the focus of analysis.

For simple applications TesT offers a manual alternative as a reasonably-priced and fast possibility of friction coefficient determination (model series 206). The associated software package allows simple evaluations and graphical illustrations. Here too, the friction coefficient determination is in the focus.

As an extension to the friction testing machines TesT offers vibration testing machines for testing according to "Junker". Primarily, these machines are used for dynamic tests of safeguarding characteristics of fastening elements under transversal load (e.g. DIN 65151). A further development allows testing of larger screws, currently up to M42.

strong>TesT Universal testing machines for tensile testing of fasteners up to M30 / measuring range up to 600 kN complete this product range of fastener testing.