Cartridge testing machines

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Cartridge Testing Machines

The modern testing machines of the model series 106, 112 and 122 by TesT, modified for the testing of medical cartridges and syringes, meet all current requirements. From single specimen testing to mass testing in large production lines, TesT has created the ideal instruments for reliable and accurate quality control. A special feature is the simultaneous testing of several test specimens. Glide value, breakaway force and tightness can be tested.

All test data are recorded in real time with the associated TesTWinner® software, which can be validated according to FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11. 

Our international cooperations with renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers stand for the high quality of our products and the expert status of TesT.




Technical specifications

Machine Type Cartridge Testing Machine
Application Area pharmazeutical cartridges and syringes
Detailled Data According to customer's requirements

Subject to technical changes

Data sheet