Clamping Devices

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Clamping Tools

Within testing facilities the right accessory is equally important as the machine itself.

Besides quick change adapters and T-slot tables, TesT offers compression plates for various applications, 3- and 4-point bending fixtures and - for tensile tests - screw grips, wedge grips, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic grips as well as clamping devices for special applications, e.g. peeling-tests and tests on textiles. TesT has many years of experience with specific clamping tools for special applications in the area of materials and component testing.

In any case: We make it.


Technical specifications

Compression Testing Compression plates, rigid
  Compression plates, adjustable
  3-point bending fixture
  4-point ebnding fixture
Tension Testing Wedge grips
  Screw grips
  Rope grips
  Filament grips
  Eccentric roller grips
  Tensile hook, rotating
Standardised Testing Component fixtures according to certain standards
and many more  

Subject to technical changes