Indication Electronics 816

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The TesT electronic indicators of type 816 contain a process controlled eletronic unit with most modern software. They can be combined with all TesTforce sensors. The standard version of this device includes the usual functions in quality assurance:

- Peak value memory for tensile and compressive forces

- Selectable units: N, kg or lbs

- On / Off switch

A list of options can be found below in the technical data. Basic settings, that had been stored once, even remain when the device has been switched off. After turning it on the device is immediately ready for usage again. This handy case with its ergonomic design is suitable for right and left handers. A fixed mounting in a testing fixture is also possible. Rechargeable batteries provide a smooth and mobile use for more than 10 hours. These robust devices are suitable for industrial applications and can be recharged overnight. The calibration is carried out with reference instruments or weights, which are in turn calibrated regularly by the PTB or by DAkkS approved bodies. The traceability to ISO 9000 ff is thus guaranteed.


Technical specifications

Measuring uncertainty ≤ ± 0.1% of nominal value
Indicator resolution 20.000 digit