Bending Beam Force Transducer 343

  • Kraftaufnehmer 343

Model series 343

The load cells of the model series TesT 343 are very low profile single point sensors, intended for applications requiring accurate measurement of forces up to 25N and 50N. They can be used with a rigidly mounted platform or to measure tensile or compressive forces. A 10,000 Ω Wheatstone bridge offers extremely low power consumption for extended battery life in portable products. Their thin-film metal strain gauge circuit enables a long-term stability of better than 0.1% per year. The load cells are well suitable for scales, weighing bottles or bags in medical instrumentation, laboratory use, robotics or general industrial weighing applications.


Technical specifications

Measuring ranges 25 N, 50 N
Measuring uncertainty ≤ ± 0.042% of nominal value

Subject to technical changes