Mechanical Dynamometer 1191

  • Handkraftmessgerät 1191 mechanisch
  • Handkraftmessgerät 1191 mechanisch

Model series 1191

The mechanical handheld dynamometers of the model series TesT 1191 are particularly robust, easy and safe to handle. They are primarily used for occasional measurements under industrial conditions and for final inspections within quality assurance procedures.

The portable measuring instruments of the model series TesT 1191 have tangentially arranged high-precise measuring springs that are connected to the force transmission. The path is being measured via a precision vernier clock and is force-proportional. The display is directly calibrated in force unit Newton (N). The calibration is carried out with reference measuring devices and / or weights that are traceable to governmental normal.


Technical specifications

Measuring ranges 100 N, 200 N, 500 N
Measuring uncertainty ≤ ± 1% of nominal value

Subject to technical changes