Safe vaccination requires testing of medical cartridges and syringes

2020 – the year of challenges: All over the world, efforts to develop new vaccines are underway to contain new infections and to overcome the pandemic. Second only to the actual vaccine, a safe dosage form must also be guaranteed.

For this purpose, TesT GmbH has developed an automatic testing system for cylinder cartridges. The system checks the cartridges during production and continuously documents all data. About two thousand filled cartridges are tested at the production site of a pharmaceutical manufacturer daily, simulating the injection. Here at the beginning of the injection, when the piston begins to move into the cylinder, the breakaway force must not exceed a certain value. While the liquid is being ejected, the system measures the occurring frictional forces. After half of the ejection, the machine stops for a few seconds to again monitor breakaway force and slip for the remaining stroke. The leak tightness of the cartridges is confirmed by a subsequent load test. If a test specimen is not functioning correctly, a signal will sound, and a protocol will automatically be generated. The system offers highest standards of data security. Apart from vaccinations, other known applications of syringes and cartridges include obviously the administration of insulin or of narcotics, which makes them ubiquitous medical devices. Yet their perfect function and leak tightness can only be guaranteed by quality controls.